What's new?

Better services integration and more

The latest update to the IPS Community Suite brings a host of new service integrations to enable medium and large communities to get the most out of our platform. Plus, as ever, there's incremental improvements to areas such as SEO and user experience.

Superior member communication with Mandrill

Ever since our first release, we've enabled administrators to communicate with their members en masse with the Bulk Mail tool. In our latest update, we've taken this functionality even further. We're pleased to now offer integration with Mandrill, a service of the well-respected MailChimp email marketing company, ensuring your emails are sent more efficiently and with better reliability than before.

The integration is simple - simply enter your Mandrill details in the IPS AdminCP, and you're ready to send. Mandrill keeps full statistics for you to review, and bulk mail sent from the IPS Community Suite automatically enables you to track clicks and opens. Best of all, Mandrill offers 12,000 emails per month absolutely free.

There's improvements for non-Mandrill users too. Unsubscribing is now a one-click process for users. And you'll be able to see exactly who will receive email, before you send it.

User experience improvements

As with every major release, we aim to make incremental improvements to user experience. In the latest release, we've made extensive updates to our Rich Text Editor (RTE), providing better reliability and improved quote and code handling. We've made it possible to share individual posts in IP.Board via a URL or directly to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, with just a couple of clicks.

There's improvements for community staff too. For administrators, we've added a new feature called ACP Bookmarks, allowing you to set up one-click access to any frequently-used page in the AdminCP. And for moderators, we've added topic and post moderation tools for IP.Board to the mobile skin, helping you to deal with content while on the move.

SEO updates

As new research and customer experience comes to light, we aim to be constantly improving the SEO of the IPS Community Suite. In the latest update, we've made further changes that should provide a boost to many communities, including IP.Board topic URL structure, and consolidating links to pages search engines might deem 'thin content'.

Our IP.SEO addon product, which provides tools like automatic sitemap generation, a meta-tag editor and an SEO advisor, has now been incorporated into the core of the IPS Community Suite, giving all communities these extra benefits with no additional software to install.

Best Answer

Our latest update introduces the Best Answer feature for IP.Board, enabling users to highlight which replies to topics proved to be most helpful. This feature will be particularly appreciated by communities where topics typically have definitive answers, like support sites or Q&A formats.

Replies marked as 'Best Answer' are highlighted within the topic, and a snippet is additionally shown at the top of the page so that visitors can easily see the correct answer to the question.

IPS Connect

IPS Connect is a brand new approach to Single Sign-On integration in the IPS Community Suite, enabling two or more web applications (with at least one being our suite) to share user accounts and syncronize user data. The process is entirely transparent for users: when they sign in from one applications, they're seamlessly signed in to all applications set up in IPS Connect. Similarly, when they register in any application, all other applications are automatically informed and updated.

Our latest release supports IPS Connect out of the box, and adding support for 3rd party applications is simple for developers. IPS Connect replaces our previous single sign-on product IP.Converge.