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Stamp out forum spam

The IPS Spam Monitoring Service stops spammers from disrupting your community, by remotely assessing their threat level and taking automated action.

Stop spammers before they start.

By harnessing the combined knowledge of thousands of IPS-powered communities, our Spam Monitoring Service can assess the potential threat of each new user and stop them before they can cause any problems. It's instant and free with all active IPS Community Suite licenses. And because we have thousands of individual communities to draw on, spammers find it difficult to bypass our algorithms - we can adapt quicker than they can.

It's safety in numbers.

Free for customers

We don't think spammers should cost communities extra, so the IPS Spam Monitoring Service is completely free to all IPS customers with active product licenses.

How it works

Step 1

1 Register

When a user registers, your community calls out to the IPS Spam Monitor, passing relevant data over for analysis. Thousands of other communities are doing the same, allowing the Spam Monitor to better detect spammers.

As you'd expect, data is passed to the Spam Monitor using secure encryption at all times.

2 Analyze

The IPS Spam Monitor analyzes the request, comparing key data points with trends and historical data to determine whether the user may be a spammer. It returns between 0 and 4, which indicates a confidence level - 0 for no risk, 4 for certain spammer.

Step 1

Step 1

3 React

Your community takes an appropriate action, based on parameters you as the administrator specify. You could choose to automatically ban a user rated 4, or allow a user rated 2 to register but require post approval, for example.

What's the problem with traditional spam handling?

Traditional techniques for dealing with spam typically rely on either clearing up after spammers have already hit, or applying overly restrictive limits on all users in an effort to thwart the spammers. A community disrupted by spam means new and existing users are deterred from contributing, and it costs time and money for staff to clear up the mess.