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The foundation of great communities

Our core features form the backbone of our integration, user experience, and connection to the wider web.

An overview of our suite structure

What's the core?

The core of our suite provides all of the great community functionality for our apps - the AdminCP, moderation features, member management, our impressive skin engine, social features and more.

Our apps then bring your community to life by building on these foundations, giving you and your users a seamless, integrated experience.

We make it easy to discover great content

View New Content

Find what's new
Finding all new content posted in the community is just one click away. The View New Content area shows all content the user has not seen before, and can break content down by app, time frame, and numerous other parameters.


Search everywhere
Search all areas of your community from one convenient central location. Individual apps also offer individual specialized filters to help you find just what you're looking for.


Content tagging
Make it easy for content to be categorized and discovered with tags. You can allow users to freely choose tags ('open tagging'), or provide a predefined list of acceptable tags they may choose from ('closed tagging').

Sign in

One login means easy participation

With the IPS Community Suite, users only need one account to use everything you offer, whether they're posting messages in IP.Board or uploading photos to IP.Gallery.

Already have a user authentication system? The IPS Community Suite can use that instead of its own. We support LDAP out of the box, or you can write your own authentication module that plugs right in.

This is your online community, so make it your own

There's many ways to customize your IPS-powered community, from simple cosmetic changes to full code modifications with our self-hosted option. Here's some of the key ways our customers make their communities stand out.

Installing hooks

Add new functionality
Grab some cool hooks & apps from our Marketplace to add new features


Install language packs
Welcome non-English speakers by installing additional languages

Permissions editor

Precisely customize permissions
Configure exactly who can see what, and even upsell more access

Visual skin editor

Design or download new skins
Stand out with a complete custom look for your community and match your branding. Get premade skins from our Marketplace. Or try our Visual Skin Editor for point-and-click style creation.

Spam Monitor

Keep spammers out

Spammers can be the biggest nuisance for any online community, but the IPS Community Suite helps protect yours. It's a service included with all plans that your community can call on to check if a registering user is a known spammer.

When spammers are found, they're banned or suspended immediately before any damage is done. It's all automatic, so you can stay relaxed and focus on the important stuff.

We take care of installation and upgrades

Whether you choose to self-host or use our hosted community plans, you get the same great service. We'll install and upgrade the IPS Community Suite software for you when new versions are released, for free. You can sit back, knowing we're taking care of it for you.

Suite Applications

Our apps give our suite functionality