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Easily share files throughout the community

Upload, share and even sell all kinds of files with your community. Let users upload and share with each other, or use built-in access controls to create a resource repository for your community site.


What does IP.Downloads enable you to do?

IP.Downloads adds file-sharing capabilities to your IPS community, giving you and your users tools to submit, share and download all kinds of digital content.

Setting category permissions

Control access to files

With the permissions system built into the IPS Community Suite, you can control exactly who can access files submitted to your community. Decide which categories individual groups can view, whether they can download files, submit files and leave comments - and more.

Download restrictions

Manage your resources

IP.Downloads includes features that enable you to decide how your resources are used and limited, including bandwidth, transfer speed and more. Add incentives for paid subscriptions by offering better speeds, availability and reduced queue times.

Selling files

Integrate with IP.Nexus to sell digital products

With IP.Nexus integration, it's possible for users to submit files that requirement payment to download. Your community can optionally take a commission and transaction fee on each sale, and issue payouts to the submitter as necessary. Users can manage their purchased files via the community-wide client area, too.

Configuring mime-types

Configure to your needs

IP.Downloads lets you configure where files will be served from - choose the usual server-based hosting, or transfer remotely via FTP or even store in a database. You can also limit the kinds of files accepted by mime type, and add custom fields to accept other kinds of data for file submissions.

IP.Downloads features in more detail


Create nested categories to neatly organize submitted files. Categories can have custom error messages which are shown when users do not have relevant permissions.

File Revisions

IP.Downloads automatically keeps a revision history for file submissions, creating an archive that allows users to explore and download older versions of files, or staff to roll files back.

IP.Board Topic Creation

When a new file is submitted, IP.Downloads can automatically create a new topic in IP.Board for you, complete with file screenshots. Great for file support topics!

File Type Control

Specify exactly which types of files users can submit by defining mime types, and whether each type should display in the users browser or download. You can also specify acceptable image types.

Featured Files

Choose files to feature on the IP.Downloads homepage for extra exposure. Featured files are shown in a slider bar for users to explore and discover.

Bulk Import

Import a directory of files or a zip file in one go with IP.Downloads bulk import tools, saving you plenty of time over uploading them one-by-one.

Monetize Downloads

With IP.Nexus integration, users can submit files for sale, choosing their own price. You can optionally take commission and transaction fees from the total.

Custom Fields

Create any number of custom fields that can be required (or optional) when users submit files. Great for data specific to your IP.Downloads use.


Users can submit multiple screenshots to accompany their files. You can define watermarks which IP.Downloads will apply to screenshots.

File Storage

Decide where your files are stored and served from. IP.Downloads supports the traditional web server storage, remote FTP or storing direcly in the database.


IP.Downloads identifies downloads made by each IP address, and by country, browser and more. Reports can be generated about individual files and members too.

Anti-leech Support

Built-in anti-leech support prevents other websites from directly linking to your files and images, requiring vistors to access them via your website only.