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Build powerful webpages using community data

IP.Content is a content management application for the IPS Community Suite that enables you to build websites with ease that pull in all kinds of data, from your community and the wider web.

IP.Content website

What does IP.Content do for me?

Your community is a goldmine of useful, interesting content, but getting at it to use it beyond your community walls can be tricky. IP.Content helps you by enabling you to build websites that easily pull in all of that data - and data from the wider web.

But it goes further than that. You can also build data-driven sites right in IP.Content itself, using the Databases feature. Databases have automatic access to the great functionality in the IPS Community Suite such as ratings, comments and reputation.

And all of this can be done with just some HTML knowledge.

IP.Content is a starting point, a set of integrated tools that allow you to explore your creativity in building community data-driven websites

The IP.Content Toolkit

Check out the tools IP.Content provides to help you build great websites

Menu manager included

New to IP.Content 2.3 is the Menu Manager, a tool that allows you to customize the global menu used throughout the IPS Community Suite. Using the new tool, you can add and move tabs from the menu - even those automatically included by your apps. You can even create drop-down menus that contain more links, in a simple point-and-click interface. Each tab has permission settings, allowing you to control which group sees which links.

Menu maker

Media manager

Manage your website assets with ease

IP.Content includes a media manager, allowing you to upload assets you plan to use in your website, then easily use them in your pages. On editing pages, a sidebar shows each of the assets you've uploaded, and using them is as simple as clicking to insert them.

Restrict access with page permissions

Pages you create integrate with the existing permissions in the IPS Community Suite, enabling you to restrict access and ensure only those you grant access to can see the page. Build a subscribers-only area with exclusive content, or perhaps just require that users register and sign before being able to read your content.

Page permissions

Completely customizable URLs

Pages you create with IP.Content can have any URL structure you like - you aren't restricted to a certain format. Whether you want short and snappy URLs or be more descriptive for SEO purposes, the choice is yours.

Articles and databases support auto-generation of friendly URLs for categories and records, or you can choose your own instead.

Seamlessly integrate your community style

When creating IP.Content pages, you have the option to either create your website wrapper from scratch, or use the wrapper you're already using for the rest of your community. This means automatically adding your header, navigation, footer, even a sidebar, is all just one option toggle in the page settings.