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Realtime chatroom software for communities

IP.Chat is a realtime hosted chatroom service for the IPS Community Suite that enables your users to interact with each other - instantly


Boost member interaction with a chatroom

A chatroom is the most immediate way of getting members interacting with each other in your community. Natural conversation is the best way for members to forge new relationships - discussing their interests and your community's subject without the rigid categorization that forums inherently require.

5 users free for every community

Every active IPS Community Suite license gets a 5 user IP.Chat package free - perfect for small communities, and a great way for larger communities to evaluate whether they want to offer chat to their users.

Optimum availability

Since it's a hosted service, you can be sure your chatroom has optimum availability - no intensive server software to run!

Fully skinnable

Your chatroom is completely skinnable via the AdminCP, just like our other apps, so you can customize it using tools you know.

Private chats

As well as the public chatroom, members can initiate one-to-one chats with other members from within the chatroom.

Bad words censored

The bad-words list you configure in the IPS Community Suite are applied to chats, blocking swearing and other terms you choose.

IP.Chat Packages

IP.Chat packages require an active IPS Community Suite license

5 users

Free package

with Suite license

20 users

every 6 months

50 users

every 6 months

250 users

every 6 months

Get IP.Chat with the IPS Community Suite