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IP.Board Features

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Suite Feature indicates a feature of the IPS Community Suite that IP.Board inherits

Forum Handling

  • Unlimited forums/subforums
  • Forums with unread content appear highlighted
  • Password-protected forums
  • Redirect forums that link to external URLs
  • Fine-grained forum permissions, including viewing, posting, replying, uploading and downloading
  • Drag and drop forum ordering in AdminCP
  • One-click 'mark forum as read'

Posts & Posting

  • Suite Feature Rich post formatting with our fully-featured text editor
  • Automatic embedding of videos from various video services
  • MultiQuote for one-click quoting of posts, even from different forums
  • Suite Feature Shared Media pane, allowing easy reuse of previously-posted content, like photos
  • Suite Feature Our iconic emoticons, with the ability to easily import other emoticon packs
  • Suite Feature Advanced attachment uploader allows multiple files to be attached at once, with progress indicator
  • Suite Feature Tag topics, with option for open (user-defined tags) or closed (admin-defined tags) system
  • Tag cloud can be configured to show on the Board index
  • Topic prefixes (shows a specified tag as part of the topic title, e.g. "For sale")
  • Bad Word filter to help prevent obscenities, with per-group on/off
  • HTML posting support, with per-group on/off
  • URL filtering for posted links, on a whitelist or blacklist basis
  • Draft posts saved automatically in the editor
  • New posts made while replying appear automatically on the page

Content Consumption & Sharing

  • Suite Feature Full content search, with quick search available on every screen
  • Suite Feature View New Content area, showing visitors topics & posts they haven't seen before
  • 'Follow' forums and topics, and get notified when they're updated
  • Import RSS feeds as new topics in specified forums
  • Syndicate topics via RSS feeds, with customization options
  • Share content to social networks like Facebook & Twitter in one click
  • Suite Feature Extensive notification events & methods, including inline popup, email & mobile push.
  • Recent topics shown on Board index

Customization & Languages

  • Support for a different skin per forum
  • Suite Feature Visual Skin Editor for point-and-click color customization
  • Suite Feature Advanced skin editor for manual customization of templates & CSS
  • Suite Feature WebDAV skinning allows local editing of templates & CSS
  • Suite Feature Support for multiple skins, each with individual access permissions
  • Suite Feature Fully translatable interface & AdminCP
  • Suite Feature Language packs can be easily imported and exported
  • Suite Feature Extensive hook system allowing functionality to be extended


  • Suite Feature Support for IPv6
  • Suite Feature Sphinx searching supported when available
  • Suite Feature Caching support: Eaccelerator, Memcache, Xcache, Wincache & APC
  • Suite Feature CDN support for static resources
  • Suite Feature Minify built in
  • Suite Feature Option to serve Javascript libraries from Google

Topic Handling

  • Pinned topics
  • Poll topics, with private or public voting
  • Inline topic preview, showing first and latest post snippets
  • Various topic sorting options, including Recently Updated, alphabetical etc. at a forum level, and as a user preference
  • Topic ratings

Moderation Tools

  • Support for super moderators (with site-wide powers), individual forum moderators and group-based moderators
  • New topics/posts can be queued, pending moderator approval (per-group and per-user basis)
  • Ability to prune topics from forums that match certain criteria, such as age
  • Multi-Moderation, allowing multiple moderation actions to be chained for one click access
  • Deleted content can be reviewed and restored in the ModeratorCP
  • Search by IP address to find all posts/members that match
  • Report Center, allowing users to report topics/posts, and moderators to review them
  • Members' display name history logged
  • Moderating Team page shows super moderators and individual forum moderators
  • Flag As Spammer tool, enabling instant ban of a member and deletion of all their content
  • Topics can be managed: merged, renamed, moved, edited, deleted, split, unapproved and pinned
  • Posts can be managed: edited, moved, merged, deleted and unapproved


  • Suite Feature Anonymous sign in (hides the member's name and online status on the Active User list)
  • Suite Feature Custom profile fields (variety of types; can be required at registration; with access permissions)
  • Suite Feature Single sign-on support built in for Twitter, Facebook, OpenID, Live & OpenID. Other providers can be supported via a custom plugin
  • Suite Feature Status updates can be shown on the Board index
  • Suite Feature Profile customization via background images
  • Suite Feature Integrated photo cropper for perfect profile photos
  • Suite Feature User ratings
  • Suite Feature Reputation points shown on profile, with admin-defined badges at certain thresholds
  • Automatic member group promotion after defined post increments
  • Suite Feature Auto-profile photo syncing with Gravatar, Twitter and Facebook support
  • Suite Feature COPPA support, requiring parental permission for under-13s

Promote, Optimize & Monetize

  • Simple ad placement system, with user group permissions
  • Suite Feature Friendly URL structure for humans and search engines
  • Suite Feature Semantic HTML markup
  • Support for microformats, including hCalendar, hCard, hAtom and Breadcrumbs
  • Suite Feature Auto-generated meta tags, including description, canonical and noindex
  • Search engine spiders are recognized and displayed in the Active Users list
  • Suite Feature Bulk mailer tool for communicating with membership via email
  • nofollow added to posted links
  • Search engine spider activity is logged and compiled for viewing

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