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IP.Board is the leading solution for creating an engaging discussion forum on the web.

Trusted by thousands of forums, large and small.

Crafted with 4 simple aims

Effective Discussion

Comprehensive tools that enable users to discuss effortlessly

User Engagement

Encouraging users to return to your site time and time again

Flexibility & Choice

Flexibility to run your community how you want to run it


Tools to let users share and promote content from your website

Unrivaled discussion capabilities

As leading forum software, the discussion tools included in IP.Board are second to none

Organization of content is key

IP.Board supports categories, forums and sub-forums in whatever hierarchy makes sense for your community. Each category and forum has individual permissions and settings, allowing you to precisely determine who can access what, and what they can do with it. There's also Redirect Forums, which appear in your forum listing as normal, but link to a URL you define - great for directing users to documentation or other important pages.

Categories in IP.Board

Mark as read

IP.Board automatically keeps track of unread content for your users

It's tough to keep up with all the content that is posted to an active community. Luckily, IP.Board automatically remembers what a user has seen, so that unseen content can be highlighted for them. Even if they read a topic and come back later, the topic will be highlighted for them if someone else has replied.

Plus, browsing into the topic will automatically take them to the first post they haven't seen before. IP.Board makes browsing a busy community efficient.

Topic preview

Quickly preview topics

With the Topic Preview feature, users can get a sample of a topic without leaving the page. A handy popup shows the first and first unread post, as well as an option to mark it as read if it doesn't interest them.

Topic sorting

Multiple sorting options

Topics in a forum can be sorted in multiple ways: by last post, by topic started, by views or by a custom filter. Administrators can define the default sorting, while users can customize it to their own liking.

Topic tagging helps related content discovery

Users can choose to add tags to their topics to describe the subject they're writing about. Tags help other users to identify similar content - clicking a tag shows all topics and other content from the community that shares the same tag. IP.Board also shows a 'related topics' block at the bottom of topic pages to further highlight similar topics.

Administrators can choose whether to use 'open tagging', which allows users to specify their own tags, or 'closed tagging', which restricts their tag choices to only those pre-defined by the administrator.